Shahzad Zafar Allah Ditta .

Managing Director

Shahzad Zafar Allah Ditta is a leading Gulf food industry commercial businessman, specialized in fruits and foodstuff, and founded Shahzad Zafar Vegetables and Fruits in 2007. He earned his Business Administration diploma with honors from the University of Punjab Pakistan Batch ’92. He holds a Bahraini nationality.

In addition to being Director & Owner of Shahzad Zafar Fruit & Food Stuff SPC Bahrain, he is also Director & Owner of Shahzad Zafar Cold stores in KSA, which has branches in Dammam, Jeddah, Buraida Sakaka, Al-Ahsa, Hard Al-Baten, Riyadh, Raffa and Khamis Mushait. Shahzad has engaged in various businesses such as Shahzad Zafar Plastic Industry and Shahzad Communication. He has also served as strategic consultant for other family businesses such as Shahzad Building Construction, Shahzad Auto & Marine Engineering, and others.

Under his supervision and direction, Global Star General Trading Est. was founded on October 24, 2010. The company has warehouses in Dammam, Jeddah, Buraida Sakaka, Al-Ahsa, Hard Al-Baten, Riyadh, Raffa and Khamis Mushait. These warehouses built for frozen, perishable goods and dry storage have a total capacity of up to 18,000MT, which represents a new era for our group of companies.

Shahzad continuously strives to achive higher distinction in business management. He is in constant pursuit of mastering decision making skills to excel as an outstanding directors focused on enabling the fulfillment of organizational objectives.

Stefano Iorini

Managing Director

Stefano Iorini is an Italian Business Operation Director with over 20 years experience in establishing distribution companies across the Middle East and India. His career spans achievements in management, distribution, organizational structure design, and sales growth.

As a truly global director, he strives to bring unique value to the companies he leads, through his ability to nurture relationships and manage cross-cultural teams to the organization’s bebefit and its bottom line.

Stefano has built and led teams that achieved aggressive goals during varying market conditions, in a short period and in a competitive context. His specialties include executive leadership, business operations management, strategic planning and development, recruitment, and team management and motivation.

In terms of ethics, Stefano seeks to exemplify integrity, honesty and respect in everything he does. He believes in action, in making things happen. For him, passion and dedication are the keys to success and great companies are built by great teams. He is fluent in Italian, English and Arabic.