The company was raised in 1992, as Frangos Cancoa, due the initiative of entrepreneurs Rogerio Goncalves W. Martini and Ciliomar Tortola, that already worked with poultry business. With economic growth and business expansion, they have chosen to develop an integrated management. The first productive jump occurred with purchase of Abateddouro Maringa, in which they could expand in 1000% the productive volume, going from 1.000 to 10.000 chicken/day in slaughter.

In 2009 the Gold Frango from Terra Boa was acquired, a cold-storage room facility which had productivity of 500,000 birds/month. In 2011 the company made a new acquisition: Mister Frango from Paranavai-PR, with slaughter of 130,000 birds/day.

With its strengthened base, the company began to diversify its product portfolio, selling frozen potatoes, frozen vegetables, fish and luncheon. All this movement of growth, acquisitions and product diversification, led to a group creation in December 2011, the Group GTFoods. This way, the new brands were united around a common identity, making way for new stages of growth and achievement. In October of 2015 Lorenz was acquired, enterprise of starches, sauces and candies.

Year after year the company has growth countrywide (Brazil) and reached the world. Currently, the group exports to over 80 countries, has 26 units and continues to expand with quality. Ten units follow a decentralization strategy, localized in different states.

Whole Chicken 800 G
Whole Chicken 900 G
Whole Chicken 1000 G
Whole Chicken 1100 G
Whole Chicken 1200 G
Whole Chicken 1300 G
Chicken Liver 450 G
Chicken Gizzard 450 G
Chicken Drum Sticks 900 G
Chicken Shawarma 250 KG
Chicken Breast 250 KG