At Prime Nuts, we have a passion for one of nature’s most complete foods – nuts. In fact, our passion goes beyond nuts, and into processed seeds, raisins and barriers to name a few, thus taking wholesome snacking to a different level.

In our state of the art, fully automated plants, housed in a built-up area of over 50,000 square feet, what we lovingly handpick from orchards and plantations from across the world are processed, untouched by hand, ensuring maximum hygiene and freshness.

Our capabilities extend to producing dry roasted, fried and coated nuts to whet every appetite and satisfy every taste. The plant has a processing capacity of 20,000 MT per annum. Stringent quality assurance and quality control procedures are in place to ensure food safety as per International Standards BRC. The procedures are designed to cover every aspect from the sourcing and handling of materials, to processing, packing, storage and logistics, and end product delivery to retail chain.

Mixed Nuts - 20 & 200 G
Salted Peanuts - 25 & 200 G
Pistachios Salted - 20 & 200 G
Almonds - 20 & 200 G
Cashews - 20 & 200 G
Pumpkin Seeds - 30 & 125 G
Sunflower Seeds - 30 & 125 G